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Welcome to the Research Data Centre Education (FDZ Bildung)

Research Data Centre Education is a service offered by the German Institute for International Educational Research,  for the purpose of a comprehensive and permanent documentation of empirical educational research studies. This service offers a central access point to describing information on studies, assessment instruments used and assessed research data, as well as publications.

Audio-visual data are openly accessible in the form of anonymised transcripts and codings –subject to existence. For exclusively scientific purposes, original AV media can be released. In such cases, a registration is required giving reasons for a research interest, to protect the rights of persons observed or interviewed.

Indexed scales and questionnaires are openly accessible and freely usable via the database for quality of schools (DaQS). We expect users to comply with rules of good scientific practice and name the source (in analogy to citing bibliographic references).

In its work, FDZ Bildung is oriented towards criteria issued by the German Data Forum (RatSWD) for research data infrastructure and it was accredited by RatSWD in October 2012. The service is currently being under construction and it is continuously being enhanced. Due to the content available, the service is offered in German only.


The following means of access to the contents are provided for the portal:

  • The archive of media provides you with direct access to video and audio files on the topic of instructional quality.
  • The archive of questionnaires provides original questionnaires from studies from quantitative empirical educational research.



The Research Data Centre Education is a central contact point for empirical educational research regarding archiving and delivery of audio-visual research data (AV data), assessment instruments (questionnaires and tests) and offers a comprehensive documentation of scales.

Do you have any questions regarding this service or would you like to give us feedback – or is there a study you would like us to index? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Doris Bambey (co-ordination research data education)
Tel. +49 (0) 69.247 08 - 332

E-Mail to: forschungsdaten-bildung@dipf.de